New “The Apparition” Interview of Ashley with DirtTv

New Mark. Fall and Holiday ‘12 Video

Another New “The Apparition” Interview with Ashley

New “The Apparition” Interview with Ashley

Ashley Covers the September Issue of DT Magazine (Spain)

Ashley is on the cover of the Spanish magazine DT. The photoshoot they used is from 2008 for Maxim magazine . Enjoy!

septimiu29-Ashley_Greene_-_DT_Spain_-_Sept_2012_28129.jpg septimiu29-Ashley_Greene_-_DT_Spain_-_Sept_2012_28229.jpg septimiu29-Ashley_Greene_-_DT_Spain_-_Sept_2012_28429.jpg septimiu29-Ashley_Greene_-_DT_Spain_-_Sept_2012_28529.jpg septimiu29-Ashley_Greene_-_DT_Spain_-_Sept_2012_28629.jpg

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New “Butter” Clip

Here is a new “Butter” clip with Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner, Ashley’s not in it, but I think you will like it a lot. Enjoy!!

New Interview of Ashley at the “Apparition” Premiere

Click the image above to watch the interview

THE APPARITION PREMIERE (Exclusive Video) – Last Thursday at Hollwoods Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the world premiere of Todd Lincoln‘s supernatural thriller The Apparition. Lincoln plus Ashley Greene and Julianna Guill spoke about the script, making a different type of horror and the cast. The movies followers young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover they are being haunted by a presence their last hope is an expert in the supernatural, Patrick (Tom Felton).

On the script:

“I like the fact that’s its a very smart script, I think its more about something you don’t see then something being deriectly right in front of your face and that’s kinda something that really terrifying to me, is the unknown and not really knowing what your dealing with. I think really the combination of that really caught my attention.” - Ashley Greene

On being a different horror movie:

“We all set out to make a elevated smart, new generation horror film for new decades so I’m excited for people to see it.” - Todd Lincoln

On Casting:

“It’s sort of like a pop surreal, fan fiction fever dream of a cast. Ashley (Greene), Sebastian (Stan) and Tom (Felton) while all great and really sort of one by one organically they all came in and won the part in the room fair and square and they worked great together and brought a lot to it.” - Todd Lincoln


2 New Mark. Pics of Ashley

305145_492251280802560_826858807_n.jpg 400873_492251564135865_1698488225_n.jpg

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Ashley Covers the Italian Cosmopolitan (Scans)

Ashley is on the cover of the September issue of the Italian Cosmopolitan magazine. I have added to the gallery the scans in high quality. Thanks to!

Cosmopolitan_28129.jpg Cosmopolitan_28229.jpg Cosmopolitan_28329.jpg Cosmopolitan_28429.jpg Cosmopolitan_28529.jpg

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ET Interview with Ashley from the Set of “CBGB”

Here is the whole interview of Ashley from the set of “CBGB” movie on July. She talks about her role as Lisa Kristal and more. Enjoy!!

capped_by_ash_greeneorg_28129~0.jpg capped_by_ash_greeneorg_2813329.jpg capped_by_ash_greeneorg_2810829.jpg capped_by_ash_greeneorg_2823129.jpg capped_by_ash_greeneorg_2827129.jpg

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