More Information about Ashley’s Chat on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook Page Tomorrow

Fangirlish has the time that the chat is going to start.

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It’s your chance to ask Ashley Greene anything!

Don’t miss Ashley’s chat on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page tomorrow,Monday, July 14 at 11:40AM EST to support her new movie “Wish I Was Here”.

You may recall Ashley joined Zach Braff’s Kickstarter funded film by helping out and replacing her “Twilight” co-star Anna Kendrick who had to drop out.

Ashley plays the small but fan favorite role Janine in “Wish I Was Here”, which opens nationwide this Friday, July 18.

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New ‘Wish I Was Here’ Still of Ashley + Q&A Session on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook

WIWHFilm announced today along with a new movie still that Ashley is going to answer questions on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page this Monday. We don’t know what time yet, but for more information follow us on our twitter page. Below you can check out the new still.

thumb_WIWH_Still.jpg (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120)

Movies Productions > Wish I Was Here > Movie Stills

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'Wish I Was Here' European Screenings

New announcement from Zach!

Lots of release date news for you today! I’m so proud that I am able to bring WISH I WAS HERE to so many of you across the globe!
I’m excited to announce release dates and advance screening dates for our movie in the UK, France and Germany:
The French release will be on on August 13th, 2014.
As announced previously, the UK release will be on September 19th, 2014.
And, we will release in Germany on October 9th, 2014.
For our Advance Screening and Q&A backers across the pond, here are the dates of those events, which you should have already received via Kickstarter message:
August 4th: Paris Advance Screening and Q&A
September 12th: London Advance Screening and Q&A
September 15th: Berlin Advance Screening and Q&A
Rome, we are still working on your date. We don’t have a distributor yet in Italy, so as of now our Rome Advance Screening and Q&A will be the ONLY theatrical screening of the movie in Italy… If you want to change that, be sure to sign the petition here:– wish-i-was-here–in-italia
We are working on release dates for countries around the world, we’d like nothing more to reach all of you. Here are all of our release dates so far:
US: July 18th
Canada: July 25th
Portugal: July 31st
Iceland: August 1st
Turkey: August 1st
France: August 13th
Australia: September 11th
New Zealand: September 11th
Spain: September 12th
Philippines: September 17th
UK and Ireland: September 19th
Romania: September 26th
Germany: October 9th
Switzerland: October 23rd
If you live in one of these countries, please spread the word to your friends about the release date! We’d love for you to share the film you helped make with your loved ones.
For many more of you who are joining us for the Online Backer’s Thank You Screening, details on that coming very very soon. The online screening will be before the US release date of July 18th!

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'Staten Island Summer' to be Released in 2015

I know many are wondering when we will get ‘Staten Island Summer’ after the reshoots that finished last week. Here is a brief update from The Hollywood Reporter, thanks to lovely Vanessa.

Pearlman also recently wrapped reshoots on the Lorne Michaels and John Goldwyn-produced feature, Staten Island Summer, in which he appears alongside with Kate Walsh, Gina Gershon,and Ashley Greene. Paramount is due to release the movie in 2015.


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More Information on ‘Kristy’ German Release

kristyThanks to Den Uhing for the heads up. Here are some details on the German DVD release.

Quoted from Facebook:

I just read that “Kristy” has been rated FSK 16 in germany in its uncensored version and will be out on DVD and BD on August 7.

Here is the coverart:

Btw the subtitle “Lauf um dein Leben” translates to “Run for your life” just in case if you were wondering^^

Buy this item at

 Uncut-BD 3D order 
 Uncut BD-order 
 Uncut-order DVD


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'Wish I Was Here' Soundtrack Release Date

New announcement from Zach Braff!
WIWH-cover-900px.jpg (900×900)

Dear Amazing Backers and Friends,

Coming to you from Chicago, where we had another incredible Advance Screening last night! It’s so much fun to visit with so many of you in these cities.

I have more exciting news today….

The WISH I WAS HERE soundtrack, which features new music from The Shins, Bon Iver, and Cat Power + Coldplay, will be available in stores and digitally on Tuesday, July 15th! 

The full Track List is coming soon, and we’re going to offer pre-sales of the DIGITAL and CD versions of the soundtrack right here on our site very soon, but we also have something very special to announce TODAY.

We were blown away by how quickly we SOLD OUT of our 1000 LIMITED EDITION WISH I WAS HERE VINYL on Kickstarter, so we decided to make two more Vinyl Records available for presale today. Vinyl is back!!!

Starting today, you can preorder a standard vinyl version of the WISH I WAS HERE soundtrack through our online store. This is not the same Limited Edition Vinyl that was offered to Kickstarter Backers, it’s a 12” double gatefold 180g vinyl made separately for retail.

Also for the very first time, the GARDEN STATE soundtrack will be released on Vinyl! This is a 12” double gatefold standard weight vinyl.

Both are available in our online store! 

Stay tuned for more news on the soundtrack album. In the coming weeks, we will be debuting the track list, starting pre-sales, giving sneak peaks of tracks and, of course, streaming the soundtrack for our backers with the soundtrack stream reward!

Thanks you so much for your love and support.

Lots of love,


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New Pictures of Ashley with Friends (May 31st)

Ashley celebrated her friend’s birthday yesterday and new pictures with them were posted on Instagram. Check them out!

josephchasePampered pool day complete. So far 30 isn’t so bad!@ashleygreene #30

ashleygreeneRawr! @quesocabesakt4 happy bday @josephchase

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Ashley Posted New Instagram Pictures

Ashley posted 3 new pictures on her Instagram page and many people got confused of her last one where she is wishing happy birthday to her friend Joseph. Check them out!

ashleygreeneDirty thirty birthday morning. This is where it all starts. Love you @josephchase

ashleygreene: Oh snap. Throwback.

ashleygreene: That’s always fun to see

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New/Old Sundance InStyle Portrait with Ashley & ‘Wish I Was Here’ Cast

Here is a new/old portrait with Ashley and the cast of ‘Wish I Was Here’ from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival back in January for the InStyle magazine. Check it out!

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Photoshoots > 2014 > Sundance: InStyle

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New ‘Wish I Was Here’ Stills of Ashley

I have added to the gallery the 2 new MQ stills of Ashley with Josh Gad from ‘Wish I Was Here’. Thanks to Serap and Awards Circuit. Check them out!

thumb_001.jpg (110×120) thumb_002.jpg (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120)

Movies Productions > Wish I Was Here > Movie Stills

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