Ashley at W Hotels Of Chicago Lakeshore Reveal Party (July 31st)

Ashley and Paul attended the W Chicago Lakeshore Renovation Reveal Party on July 31  in Chicago, Illinois. Ashley looked beautiful in a short printed dress. Check the pictures out! [sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]

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New ‘Wish I Was Here’ Still with Ashley

A cute new ‘Wish I Was Here’ still with Ashley in her costume. Check it out!!

thumb_dg0CxwSaS90.jpg (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120) nopic.png (110×120)

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[Photo] Ashley Celebrating her Brother’s Birthday

Ashley didn’t attend the Young Hollywood Awards because she was celebrating her brother’s Joe birthday, yesterday. Check out the cute picture she posted!


Sunday funday birthday for the best big brother in the world @joegreeneiii such an epic night. Love you!

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"Burying The Ex" Heading To The Venice Film Festival

Toronto unveiled their first wave of titles on Tuesday, and today it’s Venice’s turn, with the festival revealing what they’ll be unspooling on the Lido. And as usual, it’s an auteur heavy selection, but even we weren’t expecting American horror legend Joe Dante to be given a slot. But it’s a pleasant surprise.

Indeed, his upcoming “Burying The Ex” has nabbed an Out Of Competition slot. The horror comedy stars Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper, and it sounds like it’ll be something a bit off the beaten path for those in Venice. Here’s the official synopsis: Burying The Ex is an outrageous horror-comedy in which a young man’s romance with his dream girl takes an unexpected turn when his dead ex-girlfriend rises from the grave… and thinks they are still dating!

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Ashley Wants You To Check Out These 5 TV Shows & Movies

Wish I Was Here” star Ashley Greene‘s career spans numerous TV shows and plenty of movies (including all five “Twilight” installments). Of course, being a professional actress doesn’t preclude her from being a fan, — so we wanted to know what TV shows and movies she’s a fan of, especially those you can sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home.

The gracious Greene sent along her current #5WorthWatching, along with a few words on why they’re worth checking out.

Be sure to check out her new movie, “Wish I Was Here,” which is in select theaters now and expands nationwide on Friday, July 25.

Check out Ashley’s suggestions at the SOURCE.

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Ashley On How Her “Wish I Was Here” Character Changes Josh Gad’s Character

The “Twilight” alum, who has a small but significant role in the Zach Braff film, also talked about how her character is reflective of the title and the importance of the movie’s Kickstarter based fan support.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wish I Was Here.]

Ashley Greene is only in a few scenes of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, but the Twilight alum plays a significant role in Josh Gad’s character’s storyline.

Gad’s Noah, the brother of Braff’s lead character Aidan, begins the film shut off from his family and other people, holed up in the trailer he lives in. But as he pursues his Comic Con-attending neighbor Janine, played by Greene, he begins to express himself more, though he’s unable to reconnect with his estranged father, played by Mandy Patinkin, who’s dying of cancer. Ultimately Noah confesses to Aidan’s daughter Grace that he’s afraid and finally visits his estranged dad before he dies.

Greene says she thinks her character allows Noah to emerge from his isolation.

“She is the vehicle for him, I think, to be able to express himself and find happiness and find who he wants to be and kind of succeed,” Greene tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think she’s a very important part to Noah on his journey to finding that. …Together I think they, kind of without even knowing it, work as a team to bring him out of his shell.”

Greene also says that her character is present in the way the title suggests the characters in the film want to be.

“She’s kind of a representation of being in that place that ‘here’ is in the title Wish I Was Here,” the actress explains. “I think all of the characters are trying to figure out who they are, what they want and where they want to be and how to be present in achieving that. I feel like Janine is a character that’s … on the right path to embracing who she is and who she wants to be and allowing her creativity to work through going to Comic-Con and dressing up.”

Greene says that she met people who do cosplay when the film’s Kickstarter backers came to the set, allowing her to get more insight into her character and fans who go to Comic-Con, which is a different side of the experience than she had attending the event with the Twilight cast.

Greene also appreciated how Wish I Was Here’s Kickstarter campaign allowed Braff’s fans to show their support for his project before it began.

“I understand what it’s like to need and to have that fan support because of doing Twilight … and seeing the huge effect that they had on the success of our film,” Greene says of the movie’s Kickstarter campaign. “It was very interesting to see that from a different angle and see … how his fans were participating and obviously how much they believe in Zach and the work that he does. … It was nice to start out doing a film knowing you already have that built in support of the fans.”

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Josh Gad Talks about Ashley & their Sex Scene in ‘Wish I Was Here’

“I’d imagine it would be in a Twlight movie and the two of us would be having vampire love,” Gad tells MTV News about his sex scene with Ashley Green.


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Ashley Greene: What’s In My Bag?

1405529752_ashley-greene-bag-zoom.jpg (1943×1800)

It’s not easy being Greene. “I’m constantly losing my keys in my purse,” confesses Twilight alum Ashley Greene, 27. “The other day the valet was like, ‘Um, miss, we can’t move your car,’ and I started digging frantically,” the costar of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here (out July 18) admits to Us Weekly. What items did the actress, who dates Australian TV personality Paul Khoury, find while rifling through her Bulgari satchel?

The Queen of Clean 

“I constantly eat in my car, so I keep Oral-B Glide floss with me. And I won’t leave my house without Dove deodorant or the Honest Company’s hand sanitizer. I shake a lot of hands!”

Here Comes the Sun 

“My friend Cara turned me on to the company HydroPeptide. I carry a really nice sunscreen that gives my skin an iridescent sheen.”

Snack Attack

“I’m never without pistachios or almonds. Sometimes I’ll pack Popchips because they’re pretty guiltless– if you’re going to eat a potato chip!”

Lucky Charm 

“I try to keep jewelry out of my purse because I’ll end up losing it, but I do have a Lokai bracelet that signifies to stay hopeful and stay humble.”

The Eyes Have It 

“I have tried a lot of different mascaras, but I always come back to L’Oreal’s Voluminous. I’ve had the same tube forever.”

Cold Comfort 

“I love Foundation Tissues. They have skull and flower designs on them. They’re cool and kind of girlie!”


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If you have been following me on twitter then you would know that I was invited to attend the Wish I Was Here premiere and after party last night.

I was with one of the producers the whole day in NYC and she asked if I wanted to join her at the Wish I Was Here Premiere and after party. Of…

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Screencaptures: Today Show [Behind The Tweet] + ‘Wish I Was Here’ Set Interview

I’ve made screen captures of Ashley’s latest interviews on Today Show – Behind The Tweet and from her ‘Wish I Was Here’ set interview. Enjoy!

thumb_todaybtt-005.jpg (110×120) thumb_todaybtt-009.jpg (110×120) thumb_todaybtt-023.jpg (110×120) thumb_todaybtt-028.jpg (110×120) thumb_todaybtt-036.jpg (110×120)

thumb_setinterview-002.jpg (110×120) thumb_setinterview-013.jpg (110×120) thumb_setinterview-016.jpg (110×120) thumb_setinterview-024.jpg (110×120) thumb_setinterview-080.jpg (110×120)

Screen Captures > Interviews > July 14, 2014 – Today Show [Behind The Tweet]
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