[Video] Ashley’s ‘Wish I Was Here’ Set Interview

Ashley talks about her character, on being in a Kickstarter-funded film, on the story, on working with Zach Braff, and on the significance of the title. Enjoy!

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New Interview with Ashley about ‘Wish I Was Here’, Cosplay & Twilight

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It may seem like the dust has only just settled on the Twilight franchise—because in the two years since the film series officially ended, 27-year-old Ashley Greene has never fallen off our radar. From her sleek red carpet style to her role in last year’s indie CBGB, Greene hit the ground running (literally—we caught up with her last month before she ran a 10K in Central Park!) after shooting wrapped. And this Friday, she’s back on the big screen in Zach Braff’s long-anticipated follow-up (not sequel) to Garden State.

Wish I Was Here, written by Braff and his older brother Adam, stars Braff as Aidan Bloom, a mid-30s struggling actor/family man trying to deal with his father’s terminal cancer. The film also stars Kate Hudson as Braff’s patient wife, Mandy Patinkin as his regretful father and Joey King as his religious daughter. Josh Gad plays his misunderstood genius of a brother who wants to impress his neighbor, played by Greene, at Comic-Con because she is “a character designer of full-size plush toys.” Read on for our interview with Greene.

Lucky: What were your thoughts on Garden State? Were you a fan before you signed on for this project?

Ashley Greene: I really enjoyed and loved Garden State. Zach always does a really good job of making stories and characters that people really relate to. And, of course, I loved the soundtrack just as much as everyone else. When I heard that this was not a sequel, but a follow-up, and that it has the same general feel as Garden State but is set in Aidan Bloom’s mid-30s dealing with deeper heartfelt issues, I noticed that Zach was still able to add in bits of comedy at the right time. The movie really does make you laugh and it does make you cry, and it still leaves you feeling good when you finish the film.

So much of Garden State was about struggling to find meaning in your mid-20s. As someone at that age, have you ever felt that way?

I’ve struggled to try to make the right decisions and to figure out where I’m supposed to be at multiple times in my life. I’ve set arbitrary goals that I didn’t necessarily meet and have had to deal with that and figure out who I was and what I wanted to be.  I don’t think that’s something that’s ever goes away—Zach was able to make the transition to playing a character in his mid-30s with a family who has to make decisions that don’t only affect him.

Your character Janine is into cosplay (costume play, usually with sci-fi, comic book or anime characters) and spends most of her time onscreen in a furry costume. What’s the most elaborate costumes you’ve ever worn, in movies or real life?

This furry costume is one of the most elaborate costumes I’ve ever been in. When Zach said “cosplay,” I thought of all those pictures of girls at Comic-Con in these really cute getups. But then I walked in and saw this huge and hilarious furry costume instead! But one year for Halloween, I had a custom-made peacock costume that was really neat, with these real feathers on it. I had the hair and makeup and everything to go with it and I felt like that was the most dressed up I’ve ever been. I’ve always intend to do these grand costumes for Halloween, but I never quite get there.

How did you find a custom-made peacock costume?

I had to look online for a while to find one that I really liked. I met all these women and men when we were doing the Comic-Con scene in Wish I Was Here and they actually made all their costumes themselves. If I had that talent to do that, then I absolutely would. It’s actually incredible how quickly and how efficiently they can make these elaborate costumes. But yeah, I just looked online for awhile and finally found a woman and called her up and sent her my measurements and stuff. I still have it. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

You have a really funny sex scene in your furry costume, too. Was that weird to film?

Hopefully, it’s as hilarious on the screen as it was in the room. It was an interesting way to make a scene that you think would be sexy just ridiculous and hilarious. Luckily, I had people like Josh Gad and Zach Braff in the room making me laugh, which made it really comfortable. You’re in this furry alien costume and he [Josh Gad] is in this space outfit and you kind of just have to go with it and trust the director and hope that magic happens. But it definitely goes down in the books as one of the oddest experiences that I’ve had.

What are your reflections on Twilight, now that the franchise has wrapped?

Never say never in this industry—but I don’t think that I’ll have an experience like than ever again. It was something really special that we couldn’t anticipate, and our fans really supported us and stood behind us. I loved being a part of it—it was fun and I learned a lot. It was like a rollercoaster ride because we went through things—not just myself but the rest of the cast as well—that we had never been through before. It created a bond between us that you don’t necessarily get on other sets.

Last question: Where do you think Alice Cullen would be today?

I think she would probably be in New York City, for sure, and I think she’d be a fashion designer. We got to have a lot of fun with the character because she did love fashion so much. I think she would definitely be at a fashion institute or in New York City designing.


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Josh Gad’s Intimate Scene with Ashley was Dangerous

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Former “Book of Mormon” breakout Josh Gad has an “intimate scene” with “Twilight” babe Ashley Greene in their film “Wish I Was Here.” But shooting it was more dangerous than sexy.

“There is an intimate sex scene, where I wear an astronaut suit and Ashley wears a furry outfit,” Gad told us at the movie’s premiere on Monday.

“In real life I would say it’s very possible you might asphyxiate yourself if you do that. I wouldn’t recommend it .?.?. It turns out having sex in an astronaut suit is not as easy or as enticing as it sounds.”


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Ashley Explains Furry Feet Tweet on Today Show [Behind The Tweet]

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Ashley ‘Wish I Was Here’ New York Premiere - Interview

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Ashley at the “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening (July 14th)

Ashley attended the “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening, yesterday, and she looked gorgeous in a white short dress. I have added to the gallery many HQ pictures from the red carpet and after party. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2014 > July 14 – “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening
Public Appearances > 2014 > July 14 – “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening – After Party

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Ashley’s ‘Today Show’ Screencaptures

I have added to the gallery Ashley’s screen captures from ‘Today Show’.

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Screen Captures > Interviews > July 14, 2014 – Today Show

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[Photos] Ashley Leaving the NBC Studios in New York (July 14th)

I have added to the gallery some pictures of Ashley leaving the NBC studios this morning. You can get a better look on her outfit. Enjoy!

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 Public Appearances > 2014 > July 14 – Leaving The NBC Studios In New York City

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First ‘Wish I Was Here’ Clip with Ashley

Here is the first clip with Ashley as Janine in ‘Wish I Was Here’ which premieres tonight in New York. Check it out is funny!

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Ashley’s Entertainment Weekly Facebook Q&A Transcript

Here is Ashley Q&A session she had this morning in New York on Entertainment Weekly Facebook page. She answered some really lovely and unique questions. Check them out below:

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Wish I Was Here Hi! I’m “here” (get it?!) to answer your questions…let’s get started!

Peggy Simuyuni How different is the feeling of working on an indie film as compared to a big budget movie for you?

Wish I Was Here Hi Peggy – working on WIWH is different than a studio film and most indies since it was funded by his fans (thank you guys!) on Kickstarter, which gave Zach full creative freedom. That really set the tone. Everyone was really excited about being there and making the best film possible for you guys. Apart from that, most indie films are just a lot more intimate feeling.

Malena Srur Ashley; would you like to make a period movie piece, old hollywood and stuff? Would you like to prove luck in tv again, like HBO?

Wish I Was Here I would LOVE to do a period piece! I think there is something very romantic about them. It’s also nice to be able to entertain as well as educate people about that moment in time. Having the opportunity to work on television, as well as film would be the dream. The face of television has really changed in such a positive way.

Larissa Martins what do you most like in this movie?

Wish I Was Here I loved that Zach was able to tap into a lot of very serious, poignant subject matter, but still slip in comedic relief at the right moments… in true Zach Braff style.

Ami Maurer Thomas How have other roles measured up to playing Alice in the Twilight series?

Wish I Was Here Every role is different, and special in its own unique way. That’s part of what I love about my job. Alice will of course always hold a special place in my heart.
Beth Bird What do you look for while chosing a role to play?
Wish I Was Here There are a lot of different variables that go into choosing a role. Not only does my character need to affect and move me, the rest of the script has to as well. I am always looking for new, uncharted territory in my characters. I want to use new acting muscles with every role I take on.
Alessandra Florenzi Who’s your favourite director? 
Wish I Was Here Zach Braff 
Azra-Melis Ok How was it for you to be in a costume?
Wish I Was Here Being in my furry costume was kind of amazing. I’ve definitely never had anything comparable. The costume actually worked to my advantage, because the feet were so clunky! It made me walk in a very awkward way and added to the scene!
Beth Bird You always do so much to help women be strong and have self-esteem, THANK YOU! Is that the reason you chose Oakley? Which message do you think they spread?
Wish I Was Here It’s so awesome to hear that I am making a positive impact! I am very lucky to be surrounded by strong, self confident women and I want to do whatever I can to be the same type of support system for others! Teaming up with Oakley on this journey has been incredible!
Ashley Greene Central | Fan page How it felt playing someone who is into Cosplay? Do you think you could do this in real life? And if yes, which character would you love to play?
Wish I Was Here Playing a character that participates in Cosplay was really fun, and very different than anything I have ever done! It was exciting getting to experience the creative freedom Janine felt during Comicon. If i had the talent for creating costumes the way Janine and Noah do, I would be much more inclined to test it out!
Wish I Was Here Thank you guys for all of your unique and fun questions! I had a blast  Hope you all love the film as much as I do!


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